ASI Movers Provides Moving Services Worldwide

  ASI Movers is a China-born international relocation company providing moving solutions for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Created in 2008 in Shanghai, ASI Movers is the relocation brand of ASI Logistics, which provides worldwide freight forwarding and value-added logistics solutions, enabling our clients to enjoy competitive rates no matter the origin or the destination!

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What Is Our Vision?

Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, wide array of value-added services, and worldwide network, we aim to provide built-to-suit services carried out by our customer-first mindset. 

Who Are We?

A multicultural team of relocation specialists strong of 15 years of expertise in helping individuals, expats, businesses, and institutions carry out their relocation projects.

What Do We Do?

We provide high-quality, tailor-made moving solutions and the know-how of a dedicated team to guarantee your peace of mind!

Our Values

Can-Do Attitude

Where others see the impossible, we thrive on thinking outside of the box and making it possible. Where most of our bigger competitors only see unprofitable operations, we see an occasion to go the extra-mile and make sure you enjoy the move you wished for!


At ASI Movers, we ensure our services are as flexible as possible in order to fit your requirements and needs. Our job? Working hand in hand with you at each step of your move to guanrantee your peace of mind!

Customer Centricity

Because each and every customer is different, our services are fully customized and optimized to fit your project. Rather than making our customers' moves fit into pre-made packages, we build solutions around your specific needs and constraints.


Because we believe that successful and peaceful moves are based on trust and pro-active actions, our teams are thus dedicated to go the extra-mile. We are constantly taking the necessary steps to improve our process and our rates!

Our dedicated teams in China, France, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore provide you with end-to-end upper-class solutions, no matter the origin or destination!

Thanks to our worldwide network (IAM), we ensure you enjoy a seamless move at every step of your relocation project.

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