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Breaking Down the Process

ASI Movers specializes in offering bespoke mobility solutions specifically tailored for HR managers seeking outsourced global mobility services. We understand the intricate nature of managing international relocations for employees and are committed to delivering the most competitive and comprehensive solutions.

Our dedicated relocation agent is poised to meet you and your team to craft an offer that aligns with your company's requirements while addressing the unique needs of your employees. We recognize the importance of a personalized approach in ensuring a seamless relocation experience.

What we provide:

  • Expertise & Global Presence: Benefit from ASI Movers' 15 years of expertise and dedicated teams across strategic global hubs in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and France. Our extensive worldwide network of relocation professionals through the International Association of Movers (that granted us its IAMX accreditation) ensures a successful relocation experience. 
  • Dedicated Relocation Management: A dedicated relocation manager oversees the entire process, serving as your point of contact from initiation to completion. They provide regular updates to both the HR team and assignees, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Solutions: ASI Movers prioritizes tailored and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that transitions remain seamless, cost-efficient, and time-sensitive. Leveraging our relationship with ASI Logistics enables competitive pricing and high-quality transportation services.
  • Personalized Service Design: Our Relocation Manager designs moving solutions that meet both HR Manager and transferee demands while aligning with the company's budgetary requirements, ensuring a perfect for all parties involved.
  • Accreditation and Reliability: ASI Movers holds esteemed certifications from IAM (IAMX certified), guaranteeing reliable and accredited services for your global mobility needs.

During our initial meeting, our team will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire relocation process to the assignee. Following this, we will conduct an on-site survey to gather all necessary information. Subsequently, we will guide you through each step, including packing, customs clearance, international transportation, and final delivery.

Download our step-by-step International Relocation Guide

Optimize your assignee's international relocation experience with our International Relocation Guide. Seamlessly navigate the process, from the initial survey of your residence to the efficient unpacking of your belongings at your destination.


Companies & Institutions We Served

Companies & Institutions We Served

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Why Choose Us?

  • 15 years of expertise in helping global individuals and businesses handle their move;
  • Dedicated teams in China, France, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore;
  • Thanks to our parent company ASI Logistics, we provide you with the highest quality moving services at the most competitive price;
  • A worldwide network of reliable and expert relocation professionals (IAM members).

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