China Reopens: Everything You Need To Know If You Plan On Traveling

January 8th will mark the end of most travel restrictions for people arriving in China from abroad. These changes stem from authorities downgrading Covid-19 from a Class A (which, for instance, includes the bubonic plague and cholera) to a Class B infectious disease and imply that local governments are no longer empowered to impose lockdowns, isolation and quarantine or enlist law enforcement to aid with disease control.

Great news! But, in practice, what will it change for you if you plan on coming to or traveling from China?

ASI Movers prepared a summary of everything you need to know before your departure!

Going To China

To access the Customs Pocket Declaration miniprogram here.

To read the minute of the Dec. 27th Foreign Ministry's press conference and the full set of announcements, read this article.

Traveling From China

Since Chinese authorities have announced that requests for ordinary passports issuance will again be accepted and examined, and in light of the end of the mandatory quarantine upon arrival, Chinese citizens and expatriates have been quick to look online for outbound flights, whether for a weekend escapade or the upcoming CNY holidays.

Destinations such as Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea are among the most popular. The return of Chinese visitors will significantly impact many countries’ tourist sectors after three years of hiatus!

However, be sure to check the latest policy updates before booking your flight.
Indeed, some countries and regions have rapidly issued travel restrictions specifically targeting travelers coming from China. The below list summarizes those that have been announced prior to the publication of the present article. Note that the latter is likely to change rather quickly; we thus recommend you further check the relevant regulation before your departure.

ASI Movers team wishes you a happy new year 2023 and stress-free global mobility, ay you travel and relocate peacefully from, to and within Asia!

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