Christmas Abroad: Making Merry Away from Home

The holiday season is synonymous with warmth, togetherness, and the comfort of family gatherings. However, for those who find themselves spending Christmas away from their familiar surroundings, the joyous festivity can also be challenging.

As relocation specialists, we have accompanied numerous individuals and families in their global moves, and understand the unique challenges and emotions that come with celebrating Christmas afar.

How then to make the most of the holidays when living abroad?

Discovering Cultural Riches

Spending Christmas in a new location opens doors to immersive cultural experiences, whether the country you reside in celebrates this Holiday or not.

To feel the holiday spirit, we recommend wandering through the vibrant Christmas markets of Shanghai, discovering the mesmerizing Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, or experiencing the enchanting beauty of a snowy winter in Hokkaido.

Each destination offers its own enchanting take on the holiday season, from modern festivities to the beauty of nature in winter!

Navigating The Emotional Journey

Amidst the excitement of new experiences, the pang of homesickness can be challenging. Missing the cozy atmosphere of family gatherings and the aroma of familiar dishes can tug at the heartstrings.

This is where melding old traditions with new ones can come handy! For instance, hosting a potluck dinner with friends you made in your place of residence, combining cherished recipes from home with local flavors, can create a heartwarming fusion of culture and recreate the atmosphere of homely celebrations!

Practical Tips for a Meaningful Christmas Away

  • Connect Virtually
    No matter where you reside, technology shrinks distances. Plan a virtual toast with loved ones back home, sharing stories and laughter over a video call.

  • Recreate Familiarity
    Bring a touch of home by decorating your new space with ornaments, recipes, or music that evoke memories of past Christmases.

  • Personalized Decorations
    You can even ask your loved ones to send you a piece of decoration you used back home, or, if they're crafty, a home-made ornament that surely will remind you of their presence.

  • Crafting New Traditions
    For instance, if you're in Japan, try the tradition of eating KFC on Christmas—a quirky local custom that's become a part of the Japanese holiday experience!

  • Discovering New Horizons
    Staying in one's place of residence can make the holidays feel less special. If you have the opportunity, consider going to a new destination to spark the magic of Christmas.

  • Gifts Across Border
    In today's world, oceans and borders are no longer able to stop Santa from delivering his gifts, and you from expressing your appreciation for your friends and families back home. Even with distance, thoughtful gifts transcend barriers. Send a heartfelt present, even if it arrives after Christmas—it's the sentiment that counts!

  • Engage with Communities
    Togetherness is an essential part of the holiday season, and creating new connections is an excellent way to foster the end of the year spirit! You can join expat groups or local events, volunteer for a charitable cause, or try this new meet up you have been thinking about joining!

Supporting You Along Your Journey Abroad

At ASI Movers, we understand the emotional complexity of living abroad, particularly during festive times. Our services extend beyond the logistics of moving; it's about accompanying you through the emotional journey, understanding cultural nuances, and providing support tailored to your unique needs and experience.

Celebrating Christmas away from home presents challenges, but also opportunities for personal growth, cultural exploration, creativity, and deeper connections. It's about weaving new memories while honoring cherished traditions!

At ASI Movers, our mission is to help you embrace the adventure, create a sense of home, and find joy in the diversity that surrounds you.

Whether your Christmas journey takes you, may it be filled with warmth, discovery, and the magic of the season!

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