Healthcare In Shanghai: A Complete Hospital Guide For Expats

Planning to move to Shanghai soon, alone or with your family? Do you want to know more about the healthcare system in China? ASI Movers delivers you a full guide to facilitate your journey!

About The Insurance

First thing first, before looking for hospitals, you need to fully understand your insurance policy and see what it covers. Keep in mind that, you cannot use a simplified travel insurance once you become a resident. You will have to consider additional fees for certain services (e.g.: maternity, mental health, orthodontics..). Generally, the cost per person can range between 5,500 RMB and 20,000 RMB annually, the out-patient coverage will be everything else and makes up the majority of insurance claims.

ASI Movers would advise you to consult an insurance provider and choose the package that suits you the most!

Which Hospital To Choose In Shanghai?

Now what happens if you are sick or need to consult a specialist for any other reasons? ASI Movers has decided to provide a handy guide regarding hospitality facilities foreigner-friendly in Shanghai.

This cosmopolitan city has a wide range of hospitals & clinics to offer. The main options consist of International Hospitals, Local Hospitals, and VIP Clinics.

International Hospitals

Shanghai United Family Hospital

  • The price ranges between 1500 RMB and 2000 RMB;
  • They offer services like dental, sports medicine, etc.;
  • Address: 1139 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200336
    上海和睦家医院上海市长宁区仙霞路1139号 邮编:200336
  • Phone number: 400 639 3900

Jiahui Health

  • Prices are reasonable for an international hospital however they do not have emergency services;
  • Prices range from 300 RMB up to 1000 RMB;
  • Address: 689 Guiping Lu, by Qinjiang Lu,
    桂平路689号, 近钦江路;
  • Phone number:400 868 3000

Local Hospitals

Usually not the option an expat would opt for. Local hospitals do not accept international insurance. They may be very crowded, but you are still likely to find an English-speaking doctor and staff in the biggest ones.

Here are some top-ranked local hospitals, ASI Movers would recommend you:

Huashan Hospital

  • One of Shanghai’s biggest hospitals;
  • Specialized in neurology;
  • Prices range from 38 RMB up to 318 RMB;
  • Address : 12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Huashan Lu , 华山医院 乌鲁木齐中路12号15楼, 近华山路
  • Phone number:5288 9999

Ruijing Hospital

  • Very easy access and affordable;
  • More specialized in hematology and infection diseases;
  • Prices range from90 RMB up to 300 RMB;
  • Address:197 Ruijing Er Lu ,near Shaoxing Lu瑞金二路197号, 近绍兴路
  • Phone number:6437 0045

VIP Clinics

VIP clinics’ concept consists of local hospitals having international divisions. , It is a great alternative to international hospitals which offers very convenient options for expats, as it provides premium services at a medium price. All the VIP clinics are present in most local hospitals.

After having spent 10 years helping expats relocating from, to and within China, we know how essential knowing where and how to find reliable healthcare services is when moving to a new country or city is. For choosing your best healthcare provider as for moving your belongings, ASI Movers is here to provide you with accurate information, expertise & recommendations!