Finding Fluffy: A True Relocation Story

Relocating can be a very busy and, at times, stressful process. Imagine then what would happen if Fluffy, the family's very much loved teddy bear, decides to play hide and seek and goes missing right before departure? Follow along as ASI Movers recounts the story of a very special move!

Meet Fluffy, the adorable teddy bear who found its way into our hearts after a very special move.

As its family was getting ready to go to a new home, Fluffy decided to play hide and seek with such talent that everybody, especially the family's younger child, started to wonder if it would reappear before the big departure.


Fluffy may have a talent for disappearing, but at ASI Movers, losing is not an option!

With our dedication and commitment to our clients, we made it our mission to find Fluffy and ensure this family's move happens in the best conditions possible!

Each Relocation Is Unique

When it comes to moving, there is no one-size-fits-all solution able to accommodate the needs of people relocating to a new home. Each project is different and requires listening to customers' unique needs and understanding what matters most to them.

Whether it is ensuring that the family's favorite teddy bear is found, safe and sound, or that the moving schedule fits your own, we embrace the uniqueness of each and every request and craft the solution that best fits your needs!

Taking Care Of Your Belongings

At ASI Movers, we know that belongings are more than simple objects to their owner. Thanks to our 15 years of expertise, we ensure that your goods are packed and delivered securely, without damage, and in accordance with your specifications.

Specific items may also require special care due to their material, shape, weight, or sentimental value.

For taking care of these fragile or special goods, you can rely on our experienced teams of packers and moving professionals to guarantee your belongings travel in the best conditions feasible.

Our ethos: provide customized solutions that fit your relocation project, and handle your belongings with the same care and respect we did with Fluffy!