Pets' Well-Being When Relocating: A True Relocation Story

There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing our clients and their furry friends comfortably settling into their new homes. 

We recently received a delightful update from one of our clients featuring their cat cozily napping in their new home. After an international move, the cat was surrounded by familiar scents and comforts, quickly recovering from the myriad of emotions associated with the journey.

Customer testimony for his international move and relocation with his cat

"He is settling in quickly  — last night, he had already regained his appetite!"

Our customer, they day after his cat arrived in their new home

This serene scene is a perfect example of the importance of maintaining a sense of familiarity for pets during a move. Relocating to a new place is a significant event for every family member, and our pets are no exception. 

These cherished companions rely heavily on their familiar surroundings to feel secure and comfortable. As pet owners, it's essential to understand the role of scents and objects in maintaining our pets' well-being, especially after a long and possibly stressful international journey. 

The Importance of Familiarity

A Cat scratching his face in a familiar enviromnent that makes it feel safe

For pets, their environment is more than just a place; it's a complex landscape of familiar scents, sounds, and sights that provide comfort and stability. When we move, especially across borders, we are taking them away from everything they know. This change can be overwhelming, leading to stress and anxiety.

Imagine the comforting purr of a cat nestled in a cozy blanket that smells like home. Or the happy wag of a dog's tail as it finds its favorite toy in a new living room. These small, familiar details play a crucial role in helping pets adapt to new surroundings. They serve as anchors, providing a sense of continuity amidst the swirl of moving. 

Creating a Sense of Home

A cat in its new home after a relocation feeling curious

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at ASI Movers is witnessing the peaceful transition of our clients and their furry friends into their new homes.

To ensure your pet's well-being during such moves, consider the following tips.

Familiarize Your Pet With Its New Environment

If your new home is close to your old residence, consider taking your pet for strolls around the neighborhood, especially for dogs. This can help them adapt to new sights, sounds, and smells.

Get Your Pet Use to Crates & cars

Introduce the crate gradually by placing it in your pet's familiar environment with its favorite blanket, toy, or treat inside. Allow your pet to explore it at their own pace. Once it is comfortable, try closing the crate and carrying it around. 

If your move involves a car journey, slowly acclimate your pet to being in the car by taking short trips and letting it adjust at its own pace.

Bring Familiar Items Along

Pack your pet's favorite toys, bedding, and even a piece of clothing with your scent. These items carry the familiar smells of home and can provide comfort during the transition, especially during an international move, until your belongings arrive and are unpacked.

Prepare an "Open-First" Box

Prepare a box with your pet's most essential and favorite items to be opened first upon arrival. This ensures your pet's comfort items are easily accessible and readily available to help them start feeling at home immediately.

Set Up a Safe Space In Your New Home

As soon as you and your pet arrive, create a small, secure area for it with familiar items. This space will act as a refuge where it can retreat to feel safe and secure. Gradually introduce it to new rooms around the house from this safe base.

Ensure Your New Residence Is Pet-Friendly 

Check that there are no exposed electrical cords or equipment that could harm your pet, no small spaces where it could get stuck, no pest-control poison traps around the house, and that the windows are secure.

Maintain a Routine

Try to keep feeding, walking, and playtimes consistent with your pet's old routine. Familiar patterns can help ease the transition and reduce stress.

Our Role in Your Pet's Journey

At ASI Movers, we understand the deep bond between pets and their owners. Our mission is to make every aspect of your move as seamless and stress-free as possible, not just for you but for your pets as well. We're humbled to play a part in helping recreate a cozy, familiar environment for them in their new home. 

From pet relocation solutions and carefully packing and transporting your belongings to ensuring a smooth unloading process, we’re with you every step of the way. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that every family member, including your furry friends, feels at home from the moment they arrive.

Whether you’re moving across town or the globe, ASI Movers is here to ensure that every step of your journey is handled with care and professionalism. Let us help you and your pets settle into your new home with ease and comfort!

A family and their dog feeling happy in their new home

With over 15 years of expertise, we understand that moving is not just a logistical task but a significant life event. From domesticto international relocations, our expert teams are dedicated to providing comprehensive services tailored to your needs

Whether it's packing, transportation, or settling into your new home, we handle all the details, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition. 

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