Relocating Out Of China Soon? Read This Guide!

We often wish that relocating could be as simple as boarding a plane and heading to new horizons.

Yet a move, especially to another country, involves slightly more than packing a suitcase. From making sure we retrieve all the administrative documents we might need, to saying goodbye to friends, all the while scouting for a new home at destination, and ensuring our pets can travel safely... it's a full time job!

To help you forsee your upcoming move concern-free, let's have a look at what lies ahead and how to best prepare for it!

At ASI Movers, we believe moving your belongings should be the least of your concerns!
Our goal? Ensure you can focus on what matters: closing a chapter of your life lightheartedly while preparing for what comes next peacefully!

The Relocation Process

A bit unsure of how a relocation unfolds?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to get a clear picture of what lies ahead!

Handy Relocation Checklist

Relocating to a new country also means preparing for a new life chapter. Here are our tips to ensure you will leave lightheartedly, problem-free, and with all the documents necessary!

Unlink your phone number from your WeChat account before closing it, or you might lose all your contacts!

Go through the same process for your Alipay account before closing your bank one.

Make a quick stop by the police station to get your criminal record, then via the Notary of Public Affairs to have your official documents lawfully translated.

Besides the criminal record, do not forget to check with your future employer and rightful authorities about your host country's immigration policy and requirements. In addition, remember to ensure the needed documents are valid on D-day, such as your passport, medical checkup, vaccination record, and letter of acceptance from your future employer. Also note that part of these documents might be necessary to allow your personal goods to be imported.

If you have a pet, consult your vet to ensure your companion is healthy enough to travel and adapt to a new environment, has received all vaccinations needed (especially rabies), and has the host country's required certificates. Some countries require your little friend to have a microchip and require a quarantine period.

Make sure to inform your landlord of your departure at least a month to a month and a half before the actual date. Remember to check your contract or the policy of your building. Heavy furniture may not fit in your elevator if you live on a higher floor. The moving company can arrange a forklift to process such a matter.

A Moving Project That Fits Your Needs

​ASI Movers​ provides you with door-to-door, built-to-suit relocation solutions enriched by a wide array of value-added moving services to fit your needs.

At ASI Movers, we are dedicated to making your relocation process the easiest and smoothest possible, because there is so much more in your mind than just moving your belongings!

ASI Movers is a China-born international relocation company providing moving solutions to individuals, families, and businesses alike.

Who are we? multicultural team of relocation specialists strong of a decade-long expertise.

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